Employee Benefit Communication

How Clear Benefits Communication Creates Productivity

Many successful employers offer substantial employee benefit programs, but they are often frustrated by how little value their employees see in them. In part, this under-appreciation is caused by employee confusion about what benefits are provided, and when and how they can take best advantage of those benefits.

The Cost of Unclear Communication

When employees do not clearly understand their benefit program, they can become unhappy, unproductive, and even disruptive. This can lead to a steady decline in employee satisfaction and turnover. In the long term, it may become increasingly difficult to attract and retain high-quality employees.

As dismal as that may sound, it makes sense. Employees want to believe that employers understand their needs and care about their well-being. They want to have choice, and in order to make the best decision employees need to understand how to better manage their health and provider costs, and they want easy-to-use decision support and enrollment tools.

When employees feel like they are supported by their organization, they have a sense of pride in the work they do, which leads to increased productivity. Many organizations are seeing this effect and are taking steps to invest in better communication. More than a third (39%) of all employers personalize their handouts, according to the 2014 UBA Benefit Opinions Survey. Slightly more than one in five employers use personalized total compensation statements (hidden paychecks) to communicate the value of their benefits package, the survey found.

A Benefit for Employers AND Employees

We know you have enough to think about without having to add the extra time, effort, and expense of creating benefit communications. That’s why Beneflex provides a variety of simple communication resources that enable you to strengthen employee loyalty, reduce the administrative workload, and maximize the return on your benefit investment. A Beneflex advisor will help you assess your current situation, clarify your most important goals, and then choose and apply the combination of communication tools and resources best suited to your individual needs and opportunities.

To identify new ways to enhance the effectiveness of your employee benefit communications and to ensure your employees realize the full value of your benefits program, contact ustoday for a consultation.

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