An essential part of our BenAssist Employee Advocacy Program is our Stewardship Report. This detailed report is HIPAA-compliant and enables the employer to adjust their benefit programs and its communication based on real data.

All employee calls are logged and can be instantly recalled enabling us to track the types of problems they encounter while honoring their privacy. Aside from the perceived value employees inherently attribute to their employer, they receive real value as their worries, confusion, and distractions are reduced and eliminated. An employee`s ability to focus on the work at hand, coupled with the realization their employer cares enough to take care of their needs, results in incremental productivity gains.

However, outsourcing all employee benefit questions and claims assistance has an even greater long-term impact as it gives HR a platform for aligning employee goals with those of the organization. Productivity gains can be more significant by several factors when advocacy is leveraged as a high-impact communication strategy and as a research tool utilizing the statistical data it makes available. Moreover, providing employees with a dedicated, purposeful advocate leads to greater trust and flexibility which ultimately allows for new initiatives to be more easily implemented.

Stewardship Reports are reviewed annually during the pre-renewal strategy meeting with plan and communication refinement discussed in direct response to common issues identified and the changes, additions, or deletions suggested by advocacy usage.