Jack Martin, President of the SBCA

Karin Perissinotto, Executive Director

David James, VP of SBCA

President of AGIA and Beneflex

CEO of Sansum Clinic and Beneflex

VP of Sientra and Beneflex

  • Exceptional Orientations

    The orientation to medical benefits you organized for our staff was exceptional. You educated us about the options and opportunities available – thank you!
    Our staff was able to make informed decisions, and we will be more savvy consumers from now on!

    Maria Chesley Fisk Ph.D., Executive Director, Carpinteria Children’s Project
  • Beneflex Goes the Distance

    I wanted to convey how impressed I was with the excellent customer service and follow-up from the staff at the Santa Barbara office. I had a very difficult, drawn out problem with the billing from Walgreen’s to the wrong insurance company. It took over a year of dogged determination by your crew to get the matter fixed, but they did it. Even more impressive is that they continued to help me get this fixed when I didn’t even work at the same company any longer. Consequently, I can’t say enough great things about your company and happily recommend it to others.

    I should have sent this email a while ago, but I didn’t know who to send it to until I saw Beneflex’s name listed in the Pacific Coast Business Times book of lists as one of the top insurance service companies in the tri-county area and decided to look it up. Your group does a great job! It was such a relief knowing that I had someone on my side who knew how to take care of the issues, as it is so difficult working with insurance agencies.

  • It is truly a life saver of headaches!

    Thank you so much for looking and taking care of this matter! I really appreciate everything you and the entire BeneFlex team does for us here at the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund! It is truly a life saver of headaches!

    Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund
  • Beneflex is a good partner!

    THANKS to you and the entire Beneflex team for your assistance this year with our self-funded health program and for your counsel and advocacy on both our renewal and go forward health benefits strategy.

    It’s a blessing to have a good partner.

    Julie L. Capritto Chief Operating Officer/Senior Vice President AGIA Affinity Services | Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc.
  • $850,000 in savings

    I am pleased and honored to write this letter of introduction and recommendation for Dan Cattaneo of Bene flex Insurance Services. I have had the opportunity to work with Dan during the last three years as our school district transitioned to a self funded insurance model for over 1,000 insured employees and their families.

    At the time, the district was faced with a rate increase of over 25% just when the State of California was making mid-year budget cuts for school districts. Dan and his team worked diligently to gather and analyze the claims data necessary for the district to make an informed decision to be self insured. He attended numerous meetings with employees and administrators to listen to concerns and to understand their needs.

    Dan was able to build trust with the administrators and union leadership that lead to a smooth transition without changing the plan design.The district experienced in excess of $850,000 in savings during the first year over the previous quotes. This turned out to be an on-going savings in each and every year thereafter.

    I have found that Dan anticipates problems and with his extensive background in the health insurance industry he is able to find creative solutions to the most difficult obstacles.

    Dan has demonstrated technical skills, professional qualities and energy level that is required in today’s diverse and demanding insurance environment. It is without any reservation that I recommend Dan and his experienced staff to represent your entity with their health insurance needs.

    Debi Deal Coordinator of Business Services, Santa Maria-Bonita School District
  • BenAssist from Beneflex Helped Save My Life!

    When you have an illness, you think it should be simple: Go to the doctor, have some tests, followed by diagnosis and treatment. Not always that simple!

    After experiencing severe back pain, I went to my GP. During the next 10 days, I begged for X-rays, MRI’s, anything just to find out what was wrong until he finally issued orders for X-rays. In the meantime, I found an orthopedic doctor but had to wait another 10 days for an appointment.

    Upon reviewing the X-rays, the orthopedic doctor issued orders for an MRI as a œbase reference. His office advised me that it would be 10 to 14 days for the insurance company to give approval for the MRI. Since I had already experienced three weeks of intense pain, I was desperate for a resolution and could not imagine hurting so bad for up to another two weeks.

    Fortunately in the first week of my illness, colleagues at my office had given me the contact information for Katie Patrick at Beneflex in Santa Barbara, who I was told could assist me if I had any insurance snags. I called her, and besides being a comfort, she sensed the desperation I was experiencing. I felt so confident after we talked that I made an MRI appointment for the next afternoon. By noon the next day with the assistance of Katie, the MRI had been approved by the insurance company.

    That MRI must have revealed something questionable, because the doctor’s office then advised me that orders for two enhanced MRI’s had been ordered and I was to get them immediately. However, I was advised that approval could take up to two weeks, and again, Katie jumped in and efficiently shortened that approval time to half a day.

    Diagnosis was of a very unusual six-inch abscess in my lower spine and inflammation in my lower back muscles both caused by a staph infection. My long time Practical Nurse, Kay Moreland, reviewed the MRI’s and reports and immediately sent me to the hospital for emergency surgery. After surgery, I was advised that had I not had the surgery I mostly likely would have died within 48 hours.

    You can believe when I was able, that one of the first people I called was Katie at Beneflex to thank her. If she hadn’t assisted, I would have died while waiting another two weeks for the next step in treatment.

    Then, there is more! While recuperating for two months, Katie checked in on me periodically, and she assisted again by reviewing my EOB’s and forwarding necessary paperwork for the deductible payments.

    Basically, I owe my life to one PN, an excellent neurosurgeon, and one Beneflex BenAssist Insurance Benefits Technician, Katie Patrick. What more can I sincerely say but Thank You!

    Julie Diani
  • Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Savings!

    Toyon Research has been associated with Beneflex since its inception five years ago. Over the course of those years we estimate a savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars in our health care cost. These savings were the direct result of Dan Cattaneo being up-to-date on health care trends and issues and thinking out-of-the-box ahead of the rest.

    Beneflex doesn’t forget the client as soon as the ink dries on the contract, they offer superb individual problem solving service for our employees, which in turn, saves our staff considerable time. I highly recommend Beneflex!

    Marcy Lindbery Controller, Toyon Research Corporation
  • BenAssist is Wonderful: They Saved My Husband’s Life!

    Another thank you, this time out to Cindy, who saved my husband’s life when she was able to get a hold of EBAM and do a conference call with the medical testing facility he was trying to get cleared with. He was on the phone forever trying to speak with them and Cindy was able to connect and get the job done. He came home and said, “That BenAssist is wonderful!

    Much too often all that’s given are complaints. We have none with your company. Thanks for being there and keep up the good work!

    Marie & Pierre Lévesque AFM & SAG-AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund
  • I Hit a Dead-End

    I am writing this to express my deep appreciation for the help that Beneflex has given me, Pamela J. Geremia … and especially Katy.

    I have had several difficult doctor and laboratory disputes that have been handled by Katy at Beneflex in such an efficient and professional manner. I tried to solve these issues by myself and after several months and an enormous amount of time, I hit a very frustrating dead-end in all these cases …. I handed them over to Katy and she solved them with a few days…

    My appreciation and gratitude is immense.

    Pamela J. Geremia
  • BenAssist Makes a World of Difference

    My name is Sean and I work for Strategic Healthcare Programs, LLC. Yesterday I was faced with the situation of trying to get my Employee Benefits Application processed ASAP. I became eligible in December but I didn’t get around to completing the paperwork in a timely fashion. Then this past weekend a small metal shard somehow got stuck on my eye, most likely during a strength and conditioning session (I wasn’t aware when the shard hit my eye, so I’m guessing that I rubbed my eyes while training with cast iron kettlebells). I was able to have the shard removed at a clinic, but I definitely wanted to follow up with a specialist because my eye is still very irritated and painful.

    So this week I very much needed to make an appointment with an opthamologist, and naturally I wanted to get my benefits set up immediately. This is where Katie comes in. I called Beneflex to discuss the different plan options that our company offers because we don’t have detailed information in the office. Katie was extremely helpful and patient as she listened to my sob story, answered my questions, and emailed me the information that I needed. This morning I followed up with her before emailing my application, and once again she made a sincere effort to ensure that all of my questions were answered. Then within a few hours she sent me my eligibility information knowing that I was anxious to confirm my doctor’s appointment (it is my understanding that getting an application processed by Anthem typically takes longer than ‘same day’).

    I understand that Katie was just doing her job, but the manner in which the job is done and the level of customer service being provided is what makes a world of difference. Service like this should not get overlooked, so I asked Katie to forward me your email so I could share my customer satisfaction experience with you. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thanks again to Katie for making my day!

    Sean Marnane Strategic Healthcare Programs, LLC
  • My Cancer Journey

    Pardon this long overdue “thank you”. I’ve been meaning to drop you an email to express my sincere appreciation for the fabulous service you have provided to me – on more occasions that I can even count.

    Your assistance during 2010 was especially helpful to me as I dealt with my “Cancer Journey” which included multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and enough testing and drs appts to last me a life time. I’m doing terrific now!!! With over $300k in medical bills during 2010, I contacted you several times to contact providers, Gilsbar etc. to remedy some claims issues and expedite payments on my behalf. You alleviated a lot of stress for me and helped more than you know.

    You’re an absolute asset to Beneflex and I so appreciate your continued assistance. You’re professional, expedient in responding and get the results I’m looking for a lot quicker than I could do on my own. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

    With sincere appreciation,

    Pat Card-Vasquez
  • Simply Put, Beneflex is the Best!

    Beneflex has been our broker since 2005 (I am not sure of this date… ). Simply put they are the best! Their dedication to the client is superb. The entire team is extremely helpful and supportive. I couldn’t ask for anything more, they are always there for me and my employees.

    Georgi Moore
  • The Highest Level of Service, Integrity, and Expertise

    I have had the pleasure of working with Dan Cattaneo since 98′. He has been a partner with AGIA Insurance Services for over ten years,providing us with the highest level of service, integrity, and expertise in designing cost-effective benefit programs that meet the needs of our employees and our organization.

    Mei-Ling Fry Human Resources Manager, AGIA Insurance Services
  • A Wonderful Example of What Customer Service Should Be

    Due to some unfortunate circumstances; I had to call Beneflex for some assistance. I had the pleasure of dealing with Cynde. She was so very helpful and understanding. It’s very refreshing to deal with someone who truly seems to enjoy her work. She was friendly, helpful and prompt with her response. I truly believe she is treating others the way she would want to be treated. In this day and age of everyone being in a hurry or not caring, Cynde is a wonderful example of what customer service should be.

    Thank you again for having such a wonderful employee. Sincerely and with gratitude,

  • The BenAssist Line Rocks!

    To Dan/Lese,

    I just wanted to let you know that I got stopped in the hallway about a week ago from an employee indicating that Katie at the Ben Assist line rocks!

    This is from an employee who transitioned from HMO to PPO and had been nervous about the transition and asked several questions during and after meetings.

    He indicated that he was impressed with the follow up and was thankful that we had them to assist us. He also felt that he was gathering a better understanding of how our program worked, and that Katie had great follow up.

    Thanks to you and your team for all of your support!

  • Good Customer Service is Hard to Come By

    Our discussion yesterday was informative and provided some pretty solid reasons for keeping this plan for now.

    I have to say that these days good customer service is hard to come by. Having been in the field myself for many years, I have pretty serious expectations. You met them all in a calm and professional manner.

    Your follow-up was very impressive.

    Regina Simmons Lead Poison Prevention Program
  • Beneflex Has Exceeded Our Expectations in Every Way

    We ultimately decided to engage Beneflex as our benefits partner based on a combination of pricing, referrals, and the services you offer. This is certainly one decision we have never looked back on. Beneflex has exceeded our expectations in everyway, from unparalleled customer service and responsiveness to the extraordinary quality of work. Being involved in the service industry ourselves, it’s refreshing to see an organization as excited, passionate, and knowledgeable about their profession as the Beneflex team.
    I would absolutely recommend Beneflex to anyone.


    Troy G. Hammond, CFP®, AIF®, PRP,CRPS, CRPC¨ President/CEO, Pensionmark Retirement Group
  • Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!

    I just wanted to send my deepest thanks to Katie for her help with my Anthem claim! She got through doors neither I nor the doctor’s insurance “specialist” had been able to get through… In the end, they approved a geographical exemption (something that no one else even mentioned) for my daughter’s upcoming surgery. Oh my gosh… this was SUCH great news. When I first talked to her I was just hoping we could get the hospitalization and maybe the anesthesiologist approved. Anyway, I’m sure Katie went above and beyond the call of duty and I so appreciate it. What a star you have in her!

    Many, many thanks!

    Laurie Leighty American Riviera Bank - Senior Vice President Head of Operation & HR
  • Helpful and Simple Enrollment

    I want to give you some feedback on the benefits presentations. The person who came here last Wednesday was so helpful- gave us all (DR.S, THERAPISTS, AND STAFF) time to ask questions.

    One of our therapists, who went to a benefit presentation at Pueblo, said that all the information she could get was “Just sign here”. (Just a rush deal.)
    The benefits specialist who came here (she told me her name more than once) (she is not a sansum employee) found, and we found, that it is much simpler for her to come to the various ‘satelite’ offices than to set up a time at a location. She spent much less time, saw more people, and people did not have to leave their offices to sign up.

    I hope the individual visits to satellite offices can be done next year.